Autocar Mondays – A DC For You and Me

It’s just not a classic truck show if there isn’t an Autocar or two, or three, to drool over like this 1972 DC9364 proudly owned and displayed by Don Berch. Originally a tandem axle on leaf springs this truck was cut down to just a single rear riding on air suspension. Under the hood the original Cummins NTC 355 and 13 speed Fuller remain stock and unrestored. You can read more about Don and his truck by visiting the Hemmings article found here.

DC Autocar

A long time standard at the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show are the Mullin’s Rigging trucks. In the video below we’ll see some action as the DC-1ooT is unloaded as well as the Berch truck motoring around.

Until next year.

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