Autocar Mondays – A Familiar Face?

This past Friday I went to an auction at the Suit Kote facility in Homer, NY. The company was clearing out some of their older rigs and as we have seen over the years they have a nice collection of nameplates including, Brockway, White, Ford, and of course Autocar.

While browsing the lots this Autocar stood out as a past entry on the website, predating the Autocar Mondays tradition. I was sad to see to see it in its current condition but time does have the impact on us all. Here we see it back in 2012.

It was only after returning home that I was able to look back upon my old photos and realize that I had in fact NOT seen the same truck. The easiest and most telling clue was the fleet number on the bumper. 2212 and 2207.

It wouldn’t shock me at if we were to find out these two trucks rolled off the assembly line one after the other. I’m happy to think that truck from my 2012 photo is still out there and that the fleet numbers didn’t change over the years. 😉

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