Autocar Mondays – A Tradition of Reliable Performance

Where have all the Autocars gone? More specifically the A-Cars mentioned in the article below. Published sometime in the early 80’s the goal of this advertisement was to highlight the unrivaled dependability of Autocars when paired with Cummins engines. Four separate trucks are mentioned with their then current owners telling amazing stories of dependability and power. Mike Moore speaks about his turbo powered HB-600 “Iron Turkey” hauling scrap through the desert. A HRB-600 for Mario Susi of Boston is remembered as a hero after plowing snow for one week straight following the Blizzard of 78. Don Macke tells us about his NHB-600 affectionately known as Ol’ Auto powering through the hills of Arkansas with a 5 + 4 transmission.  Have these legendary trucks been lost to the sands of time? I did some googling but didn’t turn up any leads. Does anyone out there know if these fine trucks still exist?


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