Autocar Mondays – ACX Xpeditor

Many past Autocar Monday posts have lamented the passing of the company that built so many wonderfully heavy duty trucks for over a century but maybe, just maybe, we’ve shed tears for no good reason. While the conventional styled DC or DK cab Autocar is a thing of the past (for now anyway) the company is still around and still producing industry leading trucks in the form of the ACX, ACMD and the ACTT. Case in point this brand new 2015 ACX model with Labrie Automizer side loading arm caught by Seth while it waits to enter service for the City of White Plains, NY.


The Autocar Trucks of today is now an independent company which I should point out hasn’t been the case for this historic nameplate since the early 1950’s. With a manufacturing facility in Hagerstown, Indiana the company is now free to chart it’s own path to success. While the DC models are a thing of the past I can take much comfort in the fact that American workers are still busy producing new A-Cars for all to enjoy.

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