1st Auction of 2015

The auction circuit in Upstate, NY jumped off to an early start this past weekend with a small event taking place at Tracey Road Equipment. Usually you don’t find too many auctions on the calender in January due to blizzards, bitter cold and..well do you need another reason? Anyway, the back lot at Tracey’s was being used to host a bankruptcy auction for a local well drilling company. Some heavy duty Macks setup with headache racks and massive winches were up for grabs along with many items from the used lot of Tracey Road Equipment.


The weather cooperated with semi clear skies and temps in the low 30’s. Positively balmy for this part of the world in January. While I wasn’t too interested in the items up for auction I was interested in wandering the fenced in section where the items were being held. Back in the day there was an interesting bone yard of old trucks. Even though they disappeared years ago my hope was to find something lurking in the corners. Sadly, nothing was to be spotted so here is a shot of how it once appeared.


Despite the lack of old trucks there was still plenty to be seen in the form of old and new equipment. Some of it was for sale. Some of it was not. Check out this Kawasaki 115ZV loader.

Kawasaki 115ZV Loader

Below is video I shot while wandering around the lot where old and new equipment reside in harmony. If you like long rows of Terex rock trucks or looking at busted excavators this video is for you!

Here is short coverage of some of the other stuff that was to be seen.

There was also one more truck worth mentioning but you’ll have to wait until Monday for that one. I wonder what it could be?

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  1. BobSaget says:

    Would totally buy the old snow plows if i had the money

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