Autocar Mondays – Ashby Moving Engineers

Here is a fine looking Autocar from the 2007 ATHS national meet that was held in Colorado Springs, CO. The show registration pegs this truck as a 1974 DC9364B model. It wears the logo of Ashby Moving Engineers of Oklahoma City, OK. I performed a Google search hoping to find a still active company but that appears not to be the case. However, I did find a thread at the ATHS forums in which the owner of this truck, Dean Ashby, recounts some of his finer memories of when the company was still in operation. It’s well worth the read. Plenty of amazing photos as well. Click here┬áto visit.


This truck came to the show complete with dollys. It’s ready to move something!


This rig reminds me very much of a past Autocar Mondays star, the Construcktor of Cherry House Moving. Click here to reminisce.

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