Autocar Mondays – ATCA Harford 2013

It doesn’t get much more Autocar than this! Yesterday I attended the ATCA NE Penn Endless Mountain chapter truck show in Haford, PA where I had the absolute pleasure to see this prime example of a classic dump truck. Everything you see on this truck is how it was when it still ran the road on a regular basis just a short time ago.


I was able to catch this rig as it arrived at the show and a few other times as it participated in a slow truck race.


This truck was a fill in for two other show trucks due to threat of poor weather. I’ve never been so happy to have a few clouds in the sky!

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3 Responses to Autocar Mondays – ATCA Harford 2013

  1. Jim says:

    Nice looking AutoCar! What’s under the hood? Sounds like a Detroit Diesel.

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