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Can you believe Erie County (NY) still has Autocars to surplus? As of April 2014 they are still crossing the auction block in various forms of destruction. A few weeks ago Dan was nice enough to stop by the marshaling yard and grab shots for us to enjoy.

Now I thought I was going to be able to tell you all the detailed specs of this truck by simply looking up the auctions results from Auctions International but it appears this truck was never sold through that service. I don’t put much faith in the search engine at AI but if accurate it could mean there is still a chance to buy this rig in the near future.

When it comes to this Oshkosh I can tell you the information you want to know. The year, 1960. The model, W-827-10. Under the hood, according to the listing, a weak 6 cylinder Cummins resides along with a broken clutch. Over all the mechanical and body conditions are listed as poor.

I don’t care what they say I would still buy this truck if money grew on trees. Plus those Brockway mudflaps are awesome. The final price for this Oshkosh was $1,525 bucks which probably means it went to the scrap man. To view the original listing click here.

A big thanks to Dan for checking these rigs out for us!

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