Autocar Mondays – Autocar CK64B

What you see below is a Autocar CK64B. A rare truck by any standard. Take a moment to google the name and see how many images you find. I’ll wait.


Autocar CK64B – Click to Enlarge

Back already? That didn’t take long. Did you try Bing? Nah, don’t bother, they have zero images! Clarence sent me this photo with the simple title of “CK64B at local scrap yard, gone the next day“, what a tragedy.


Autocar CK64B – Click to Enlarge

Not much is known about this truck but it’s safe to assume it had something to do with concrete industry at some point during its working life. Clarence tells us that it most recently was used as log loader. To the left of the hood a 230 Cummins once lived and was paired to 13 speed transmission. Heavy Rockwell rears resided out back.

The ATHS has a nice picture of what this truck may have looked when new. Click here to view a 1969 model setup for moving concrete blocks.

You can’t save them all but sometimes you wish you could. Once again, big thanks to Clarence for sharing this cool truck.

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