Autocar Mondays – Autocars on the Hudson

An Autocar so nice I shared it twice. Those of you with long memories may remember seeing this mint 1984 DC-64B from my ATHS York coverage. Or you might be like me and not remember it all. How could I forget such a pretty face? Unlike the York show I was able to catch some footage of this truck in motion at the ATHS Hudson Mohawk show this past weekend. If you think this A-Car looks good standing still just wait to you see it rolling.

1984 Autocar DC-64B

I believe it was Montgomery Burns who said that since the beginning of time man has yearned to destroy the sun. I almost agreed with him on Saturday as it certainly gave me trouble with certain spots of this video.

Stop back tomorrow as we dive headfirst into coverage from this great show.

Autocar DC-64B

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