Sterlings and Macks

The 26th annual Hudson Mohawk classic truck show played host to not one but two vintage Sterling trucks. The one you see below is a 1949 HWS235H with super heavy looking suspension pieces and Timken axles found out back.

Sterling HWS truck

When I think about Sterling trucks I think about chain drives. I want to say it was the hallmark of Sterlings trucks, a technology they stuck with and refined even as planetary gears were coming into their own. This 1952 Sterling HB3006D was a rare one for sure. Only five of this model were built and this truck wears serial number one. When new, this truck sold for 24,000 dollars, a princely sum in the ’50s.

While it arrived on trailer it motored to its own parking spot.

Looking back at past years there always seems to be an interesting Sterling or two. Check out this ’47 from the 2013 show.

H-Model Macks, the cabover of the past. I always enjoy seeing this 1957 H-63 owned by George Tackaberry. It’s pristine in every detail. If you can find a nicer H-63 buy it! One of my favorite features of this truck is the air start engine.

The H-63 arrived on the back of sharp looking Freightliner.

Freightliner FLD

Of course it wouldn’t be a classic truck show without a B-Model.

B-Model Mack Truck

And so many more including Superliners, a 1927 AC Mack tanker, a Petercar hauling said tanker, an amazing Brockway 360 with a V-12 Detroit, a 1955 Mack LTL, Walter trucks, and a Kenworth K-100. Much more to come!

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