Autocar Mondays – Bringing Down the Roof

This 1987 Autocar ACL is still going strong after 29 years of active service with the Sauquoit Fire Company. Back in the early years of this truck when the ACL line was still the new model on the block, this truck suffered damaged when the fire garage it was parked collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. Because it’s an Autocar the ACL only suffered minor damage to the lights and a portion of the cab. After a quick repair it was back on the job. A 1987 model, this rig is powered by a Cummins (L10?) engine connected to an Allison Automatic.

Autocar ACL Fire Truck

The fire fighting equipment is a Saulsbury 1250/1200 tanker setup.

Saulsbury 1250/1200 tanker

A big thank you to Mark for taking the time to talk with the driver about this truck and sending in the photos. If you’re itching for more fire truck action head over to for more!

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