Autocar Mondays – Clayton Block

I wasn’t lying when I told you New Jersey still had more than a few vintage Autocars running the streets. Today Joe shares with us a few photos to back up my wild claims and provide a glimpse of the models that represented the final decades of Autocar Trucks.

Originally searching for a 1970’s Diamond Reo mixer Joe happened across a small portion of the Clayton Block fleet. As you can see they still run many older trucks with a vast majority wearing the Autocar nameplate. First up is a 1988 DK with a Cummins NTC-300 and a 8LL transmission. At first I thought the side mirrors read Mack but upon closer inspection they do read White.


The somewhat rare and weird looking DS64 is well represented at Clayton. Here are trucks 97 and 96 with at least one other hiding out of frame to the left. Both are powered by the Cummins NTC 300 with 7LL transmissions.


At last but not least we have one of the final models to wear the Autocar badge, the ACL64B. A Cat 3406C and a 8LL complete the setup.


A big thanks to Joe for sharing these exclusive photos. By the way, still no word on the Diamond Reo but the search will continue!


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