Autocar Mondays – Concrete Block Mover

The day I win the lottery you’ll know about it not through a press release or seeing my photo on the news but by how barren the used commercial trucks section of eBay becomes once my check clears. I will single handily clear out any vehicle up for bid that was built prior to the 1985 model year. Seriously, there will be nothing left. Picked clean right to the bone like a lamb falling into piranha infested waters. While some items on eBay are over priced that will not matter to a Mega Millions winner like myself. I’ll probably have to establish my own shipping company just to get all my prizes home. If my numbers come in tomorrow one of my first acquisitions will be this mean looking 1972 Autocar DK wrecker.


Before reading anymore just take a moment to soak in the details.

s-l1600 (1)

Ridiculously massive steel bumper. Vintage orange rotating beacon lights. An exhaust stack that appears to be a straight pipe. Man crushing rubber all the way around. There is nothing I would change about this machine. Nothing. Straight to the nearest classic truck show it would go.

s-l1600 (2)

Look at those winches. Depending on the day they could either get you out of trouble or put you deeper into it. The current owner tells us this is a super heavy duty recovery vehicle was designed for the towing of cranes and loaded concrete trucks. As if there was any doubt to the power of this Autocar we are told it was once used to pull a bulldozer out of thick mud and fly ash. Hell yeah it did!

Unlike so many other eBay listings that provide little more than a blurry photo and one grammatically twisted sentence this seller comes straight at you with all the critical details.

–    Mileage: 75,000
–    335 Cummins Engine with Jake Brake
–    TO 955 ALL Transmission 8LL Speed
–    55,000 LB SUDD Rears 6.80 Ratio
–    Rubber Block Suspension
–    20,000 LB Front Axle
–    14” x 24” Front Tires at 60%
–    12” x 24” Tires on Tandem at 60%
–    Heavy Duty Hydraulic Boom with Extension
–    7 Ton Winch on Boom
–    (2) 60,000 LB Hydraulic CARCO P Winches with 1” Cable
–    65% custom built by owner

Plus you have the option of buying four other winches if you are the lucky bidder. To me this is a pure Autocar trucking right here. No need to finish the wrecker body, it’s simply superfluous sheet metal. Leave that frame exposed! The auction format for this truck is Buy It Now or Make Offer with a suggested retail price of 15,000 USD. While that may seem steep I’ll leave you with this one final photo that sealed the deal for me, a shot of the truck hauling butt down the highway complete with the famous Rolling Stones tongue. *heavy breathing*

s-l1600 (3)

For the current auction click here.

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