Autocar Mondays – Double Vision

Brothers sent to a different mother? Once again I was browsing through some older photos when I cam across this pair of near identical looking Autocars.

Autocar Roll Off Truck

The longer you look the more you spot the differences between the two but the general paint scheme between the two trucks leads me to believe they once belonged the same company.

Autocar Roll Off

Details are scare with the first truck appearingĀ at the 2007 ATHS Hudson Mohawk classic truck show in Ballston Spa, NY. Look closely in the background and you’ll see two vehicles that arrived to the show by riding in the dumpster. Cool way to get around town. The second truck was seen back in 2009 with a show registration sticker that simply read Autocar under the make. *eye roll*

The video below will give you a good idea how well the first truck can move through the gears when unload.

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