Autocar Mondays – Gerosa 1952 Autocar DC200

Autocar Trucks have hauled plenty of heavy loads over the centuries but few have shouldered the load like this 1952 DC200 that once belonged to the fabled New York City heavy haul firm of Gerosa Haulage Corp.

Gerosa Autocar

I have not be able to find the exact specs on this truck but I think we can agree that this truck most likely has the heaviest rears, the lowest gears and the largest displacement engine available for the times. A little poking around the web reveals this truck, original number 176, in more than a few heavy situations. One of my personal favorites is this shot of a steam locomotive being hauled through the streets.

Gerosa 176 Autocar

A strong back is necessary for any sort of hauling and this rig has it. Oh if those frame rails could talk. According to some, this truck was one of the first built in 1952. The sheer size of this truck is not easily comprehended through normal photos, the tires alone make an average size man seem small by comparison.

Dave happened to see this truck at the most recent Gerharts event and was kind enough to snap off a few photos. Thanks Dave, we are in your debt.


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4 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Gerosa 1952 Autocar DC200

  1. Tom says:

    please contact me. I have a picture of my uncle driving one of these similar trucks from a LONG time ago I think 1950 It says Autocar Diesel

  2. Matt Lewis says:

    I’m not from the northest, but I was wondering what happened to Gerosa hauling and crane company? I can’t find much about them on the internet. Those photos of their trucks and trailers are amazing. Did work dry up for them? DOT limitations on their trucks? Did the crane division close down? I loved the colors on the equipment.

  3. John Sobolewski Jr. says:

    After being discharged from the army I tried to get a job with Gerosa with their sheet rock division But you had to be between 25 and 30 years old I did end up meeting one of their best drivers Jimmy Jordan .. he took oversize loads all over the New York area and when he retired from the Teamsters he started an escort business he escorted me several times and was a true professional and a real gentleman he died many years ago

  4. George Murphey says:

    I believe the Gerosa is an early 1950 or late 1940’s. If it were a 52, it would sport the Autocar driver cab introduced in 1950.

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