Autocar Mondays – It’s a Wrecker

Welcome to another edition of Autocar Mondays! Based on the quality of the photo below you would be forgiven if you thought this photo came from a simpler time of cameras that used a thing called film. It certainly couldn’t have come from the godfather of all cell phones the iPhone! Back in 2010 I didn’t carry a camera around with me at all time so my wife’s iPhone 3G stepped in to save the day we caught this truck on the street. Looking at the photo today it reminds me of the fuzzy, grainy, red tinted truck photos I used to stare at for endless hours in the pages of Truck Trader. Unlike the cell phone that is long gone I’m sure this Autocar is still with us. I have no proof to back up that statement but just a gut feeling. After all, an Autocar is more valuable than a whole pallet of iPhones. 😉

Autocar Tow Truck

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