Custom Haulers

Welcome to a new year! Time to start it off right by looking at photos from over a decade ago. Were always moving forward here at Daily Diesel Dose!

This first truck is a unique looking International 9670 in a quad cab format. I spotted this truck at the 2002 Syracuse Nationals. Yes, I am that guy that goes to car shows and takes pictures of the car haulers. Pro’s Pick is a company that specializes in custom pickup beds and tonneau covers and used this cool looking truck to peddle their wares. Anyone know if they still have this custom setup?


Sometimes a truck has such an outrageous paint job that no photo can do it justice. Back in 2002 Big Foot was hauled by a Ford Aeromax with just such a paint scheme. Just like the monster truck it hauled it was larger than life. Plus it had side pipes. How cool is that? You can check out some of the “modern” haulers of the various Big Foot trucks by visiting the official website here.


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