Autocar Mondays – Keep Your Distance

A few weeks ago Clarence sent me this shot of a 6×6 Autocar truck employed by a local farm. As you can see he kept his distance maybe because of the nature of the fertilizer carried by the truck. Think cow poop and lots of it. That’s my guess based on the spinners found near the rear of the tank.

Autocar Farm Truck

Elsewhere on the web I stumbled across this great video of an 1974 Autocar dump truck. The creator of the video tells us this truck started life with a boom and was converted to a dump in the mid 1980s. Now on its third owner it used by paving business every summer. Under the hood a 290 Cummins, 9 speed on 18 & 38 axles bring it all together.

Thanks to Clarence for sharing and Mike for posting this great video to Youtube!

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