Autocar Mondays – Looking For A Deal

The common path for many looking to make their own way in the trucking industry is to purchase an old truck and put it to use. Usually the pickings are slim and whatever is found requires costly repairs. But if your a smart shopper you pickup something like this 1991 Autocar ACL used at a county auction. This past fall Onondaga County cut this pristine and meticulously maintained truck (and trailer) from their fleet for a paltry 14,000 dollars. Yes, at face that sounds like a lot but this truck is ready to hit the ground running and make the money. As a matter of fact it’s already doing so. The photos below are from an auction I attended this past weekend. So yes, this is the second go around for the truck in the past nine months. This time however the tractor and the trailer were sold separately to maximize profits.

From the original listing we see that someone actually did some repairs to various rust spots found on the truck. I feel like an opportunity was missed for this truck to be on an episode of Wheeler Dealers. Or maybe, just maybe, someone should make a TV series about flipping heavy trucks…

Anyway, this truck has a Cummins N14, 46k pound rears, 3 stage Jake break, and a 15 speed trans. Now the search is on to find the Autocar Paystar lowboy hauler that was sold at the same time…..

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