Autocar Mondays – Lost in Plain Sight

Have you ever thought about restoring an old ready mix truck but you just don’t know where to start? Here is some advice. Find a different truck! You see, most ready mix operations have a large stash of old trucks in the back lot but they have no plans or desires to sell them to anyone for any reason. True, most of these trucks have been beat into oblivion and don’t offer much other than random parts but you won’t even get that far even if you ask nicely. Some of these trucks were parked with life left on them but paranoia about them falling into the hands of upstart that could become a future rival have left them to rust alone among the trees.

There more than a few locations like this across the northeast with Cranesville Block having their fare share. Here we see your classic Autocar mixer that must have been a site to behold in its prime.

And check out this one. It’s parked next to a Brockway no less! Thanks to Newman for sharing these shots with us. Great stuff!

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