My Back Hurts

Wow. We got a lot of snow. Wet, heavy, back breaking, window making snow. It fell constantly for twelve straight hours. Despite it being one or two degrees away from rain the wind still found a way to blow this snow into towering drifts. Good times were had by all when trees and power lines began to succumb to this combo. With falling branches and down lines I kept my plow seeking adventures close to home. When I ventured out I came across at least one cool piece of equipment in the form of this Caterpillar 944A

I’ve been hoping to catch this machine in action all season but it wasn’t doing much more that ticking away when I saw it this day. Fairly quiet at idle with what sounded like air wipers with a slight leak.

This picture gives you a good indication of the conditions all day. Round and round the plows went just to keep the roads clear for moments at a time. Below, a Town of Sullivan truck making its way down my street. My house is in the background believe it or not.

As bad as it looks the roads were perfectly clear by the next morning. This time of year mother nature typically works with you by providing temps in the mid 30’s. Traffic, road salt, and plowing equals black pavement. Still, when you have a bad ass International Paystar with AWD you take it out for a spin and to clean up those messy spots.

Over at Wegmans I caught the tall end of some lot clearing. My back hurts just watching it.

In the gallery below, some random shots including my ever favorite, 2574 from Onondaga County. There are still a few of these old warriors out there. 

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