Autocar Mondays – Passing of the Torch

When I first spotted the new Western Star 4700 for Syracuse Haulers two thoughts crossed my mine. First, wow that is a nice truck. Second, I hope they don’t get rid of the Autocar. While I have no proof that the Western Star led to the sad news I am about to share the conclusion is one that I don’t consider to be a leap. A new truck comes into the world, an old one must leave.  It is the nature of things. Yes, the Autocar for Syracuse Haulers is up for sale.

This Autocar and Daily Diesel Dose go way back. It was the first Autocar featured on this site and the first truck featured in the Still Working category.

Autocar Roll Off

While browsing through Craigslist the other day I just happened to stumble across the second posting of this truck. It’s been for sale since at least November 14th of this year. Thanks to the listing we know this truck is a 1984 with a 400HP Cummins 855 complete with a Jake. Hosting power is brought to you by a 60K pound Galbreath

The selling price has not been provided but if you’re interested you can visit the original ad by clicking here. If only I had been saving my pennies maybe I could have been the new owner. As nice as the new Star is it will never be as cool as old 52. Here’s hoping she goes to a good home.

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