Autocar Mondays – Retirement Time

Nobody works forever….unless you’re really unlucky. It looks like this Autocar Construcktor 2 is ready to move into the golden years of its career now that it has been retired from Utopia Precast. Clarence sends in these photos along with some details.

20140814_122137 (1024x652)

Power is derived from a 290 Cummins and of course a trusty 8 speed can be found in the cab. This is a neat old truck that has held up rather well considering its line of work for the past three decades. Thanks for sharing Clarence!

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2 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Retirement Time

  1. Ryan says:

    Such an old beauty. Hopefully she gets sold to someone who will keep her working on the road and and away from the scrapyard for many more decades to come

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