Autocar Mondays – Steel Mill Worker

Have you ever noticed that no matter how broken, battered, and scarred an Autocar becomes it always looks ready for more? You could almost argue that an Autocar earns its stripes not from the badge on the hood but that dents that come from the job.

Today we have one beastly looking A-Car still employed by a steel mill hauling scale that results from the forging process.


I came across these pictures on the forum. User mackmb212 was kind enough to allow me to share these photos on Daily Diesel Dose for all to enjoy.

That’s one hell of dump body!


If you have a moment stop by and check out the thread started by mackmb212, there are some nice shots of massive Mack DM’s also used at the steel mill for various activities. Click here to visit.

Would you like to help keep Autocar Mondays alive? Send in your photos to

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  1. Vinny says:

    I really wish there was more of these around!

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