A Team Effort

Cooperation. It’s a word many of learned on Sesame Street. Here we see the word in action as National Grid and Verizon crews work to moving service lines from an old pole to a new pole. Someday I hope to see this same team work take place outside of my house as I’ve had two poles in my front yard for well over a year. I didn’t see any trucks in this collection to help fill out the National Grid bingo board. Even with odd ball International (rare for NG) none of the truck are new to the game. Oh well. Still fun. Also in the line up but barely visible is a Kenworth with a vacuum body. I’m not sure what role in plays in the pole removal process. Anyone out there have any ideas?


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2 Responses to A Team Effort

  1. Ken says:

    The vacuum truck makes the hole for the new pole. No more digging needed and they make perfect holes.

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