Autocar Mondays – T is for Turbo

Can it get more Autocar than this? Clarence spotted this prime example of A-Car iron at an auction this past weekend in Lowell, Massachusetts. The New England states have always been a hotbed for Autocars and it’s comforting to see that a few gems still exist.

The exact age on this truck is unknown but under the hood this rig is packing a 743 cubic inch turbo charged Cummins NH 220. Loaded or unloaded this truck is going to make its presence known while thundering down the road. Next to the massive steering wheel in the cab you’ll find two sticks for the 5+4 transmission. Back to that steering wheel, your arms will be working out double time to move those six spoke wheels sporting 24″ rubber. Rockwell suspension and rears are just waiting for the heaviest of loads. Go ahead and bring it on. This truck can take it.

Autocar Dump Truck

From┬áthe outside this truck has one glaring flaw in the form of a busted drivers side windshield. Beyond that not much is known but Autocars are tough beasts so I’m sure what’s broke can be fixed. Put this truck back on the road.

Autocar Trucks

Awesome find! Thanks for Clarence for sharing!

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