Autocar Mondays – The DS Model

Are you ready to test your Autocar model knowledge? I hope you’ve been hitting the books because this is tough one.

I last saw this truck at the 2010 Empire State Antique Truck Association show in Batavia, NY. At the time I had no idea of the exact model but figured it was a common place model. The DK style cab and the one piece ACL style hood lulled me into a false sense of late model security. After combing through piles of Commercial Truck Trader photos and page after page of google image results (poor me) I began to loose hope of accurately labeling this truck. I just about tossed my computer out the window when I saw someone selling this style truck as a AT64F model. Then I found a thread at the ATHS forums and the answer was provided.

You are looking at an Autocar DS, a truck marketed as a light weight alternative for urban job sites.


Clearly this was a look at things to come. In the literature linked above the trucks all have round headlights while this model sports square sealed beams that very much resemble the long lived ACL model. A heavy looking dump body rested behind the cab.

Autocar DS Dump Truck

I know the air cleaner claims to “see ya” but passing large trucks on the right is a dangerous situation.

TruckAir Cleaner

Usually videos from seven years ago didn’t turn out that well but this one is solid from start to finish.

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