Autocar Mondays – To the Vineyard

Many think of Martha’s Vineyard as a vacation destination but when you travel with an Autocar you better believe it’s all about work. Here we see the the 1987 AT64F of Maseda Trucking taking the M/V Island Home to the to the¬†yard with a load of stone.

Autocar on a Ship

Powered by a 425 Cat this truck sits on 44lb rears and can be seen in around the Cape Cod area and beyond. The current owner of this truck used to pass it on a daily basis and when the opportunity came up to purchase this truck he didn’t think twice. Ronnie says he has a passion for older Autocars from his earliest years when he used to ride in one with his father.

Autocar AT64F

Great looking truck! Thanks for the share Ronnie!

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