CCI Mack Dump Trucks

Do you like old Macks? Someone over at local construction concern CCI sure does. I’ve come across a few of their site trucks at various projects this summer that I think you might enjoy. The one below is busy hauling broken concrete from a road rebuilding project.┬áPlenty of action at this site with at least four or five dump trucks of this age hauling material to a temporary dump site. I only had a few moments to spend on the scene but I hope to return soon.

Mack Dump Truck

This one was spotted at a local manufacturing expansion project helping with site work. It was partnered with an identical unit that I didn’t bother to take a photo of because it was raining and I was afraid of melting.

Mack Dump Truck

And more! Nice offset on that grey one. Sounded good at idle too.

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