Autocar Mondays – U Turn

Last weekend as I was merging onto the interstate I saw the roof line of this Autocar (at the time I was also thinking it could also be a White) peeking out from behind the weeds at the rear of a nearby shopping center. Too late to escape the highway I did what any normal person would do and promptly took the next exit and back tracked to the mall.

Autocar Dump Truck

I don’t know much about this truck other than it is in great shape. The year, model, engine, etc are all unknown. A local contractor was using it as a site truck to haul away broken concrete from a small construction job on property.  Looking at the bumper I’m see what appears to be a spot for a PTO so maybe this truck plowed or mixed in a past life? Also, it looks like the air cleaner followed a different setup at point.

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