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Do you remember Robert Stack and the show he hosted by the name of Unsolved Mysteries? The topics ranged from missing people, alien abductions, bank heists, government conspiracies and nearly everything in between. I used to watch the years old reruns religiously with my sister during summer breaks. Somehow the show with its low budget re-creations, Stack narrations, and creepy music was enough to give me chills during the middle of the brightest August afternoon. Just listen to this theme.

Recently I’ve spent some time on this site trying to find lost trucks. The most current example comes to us in the form of the 1961 Autocar Wrecker. Someone put the word out the Facebook group The Autocar that the past owner of this truck was looking to find it again. Can you blame them?

Autocar Wrecker

Clues are minimal at this time. It was last owned by Trans Tech Towing in Virginia. The truck in question is a ’61 model with Forever Young 1961 hand lettered on the side. Above is a photo from around 9o to 91. In 1995 it was sold to an outfit near Bristol, Tennessee with plans calling for complete restoration. Based on the last know photo (below) of the truck it looks like that didn’t happen. Or did it? If you have any information or updates regarding this truck please leave a comment below. Our operators are standing by.

Trans Tech Autocar

One of the most exciting parts of Unsolved Mysteries was the updates section at the end of each episode. Can we recreate that feeling here? Other shots courtesy of Trans Tech Towing for the original photos and Daniel Fulton for the tear inducing photo. Seen below, circa 1987 with Holmes 750 wrecker outback.

Autocar with Holmes 750

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  1. Sean Snyder says:

    I am one of the guys that has been searching for this truck for Trans Tech Auto and I have located the truck.If you would like more info contact me and I can provide pics and info.

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