Autocar Mondays – WWII Veteran

Resting in the wilds of Herkimer County one can find this vintage Autocar U-7144, a veteran of World War II, if they keep a sharp eye.

One of 11,000 trucks built during the WWII, this U-Model picked up a Quick-Way crane along the way. From what I can tell the U-7144 and their larger U-8144 brother were primarily used as tractor setups to haul bridge pontoons and other heavy equipment. However, resident heavy equipment expert Matt Folsom does tell us that Quick-Way supplied over 2,000 cranes for mounting on various truck chassis during the course of the war so perhaps this really is an all original combitionation. 

Powered by a 529 cu. in. Hercules RXC gas engine the 7 and 8 series trucks were rated at 4 and 5 tons respectively. Gearing came through a 5 speed manual transmission with direct in fourth and an overdrive gear. A two speed transfer case provided 4×4 power. (Wikipedia)

The Quick-Way name originated 1922 when Luke E. Smith mounted his prototype crane on a surplus World War One truck making in the first American truck mounted crane. In 1961 Quick-Way would be purchased by Marion Power Shovel Company to expand their small excavator line.

So what do you think? Is this an original combination?

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