Big, Bigger, Biggest

It has been a down year for snow across much of the country if you don’t pay attention to that blizzard from a month ago. So far the forecast for March looks similar to that of February, unseasonably warm and sunny. At this stage of the game I won’t complain. Even though the snow has been scarce the plows still exist. We’ll start off with this 2004 Oshkosh of the Dutchess County Highway Department. This truck is equipped with a Cat C-12 diesel capable of generating 375 horsepower while an Allison automatic helps reduce driver fatigue.

Oshkosh Snow Plow

Heading down the Hudson River we arrive in Greenburgh, NY and find one of their former trucks, a 1979 4×4 Mack RM ready for surplus. With just a little rust repair and some fresh paint it will be ready to run again. Seth tells us this truck was ready for auction around November of last year so there is a good chance it is all ready plowing the highways of Massachusetts, the land of contractor based highway snow removal.

Mack RM Snow Plow

Back on the home front I came across the City of Syracuse Paystar convention. Two identical looking units parked next a later model. All were enjoying a well deserved lunch break on the local Price Chopper.

International Paystar Snow Plow

I actually stopped by this spot on my way to and from my intended destination¬†and found this WorkStar decorated for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.

International WorkStar Snow Plow

The winter of 2016, one to forget! Thanks to John and Seth for the shares. Make sure to check out Seth’s website for more great photos like the one you say above.


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