Books – Working For Wages: On the Road in the Fifties

What was life like driving a truck before the creation of the interstate? Peter Browning shares with us a collection of stories that help illustrate the life of the early American trucker and blue collar worker. Mr. Browning spent his early years delivering trucks from Detroit to destinations on the west cost. Unlike today, where trucks are delivered in tandem by specialized haulers, the early years saw drivers showing up at the factory gates to chain vehicles together to begin their cross country trek. No training, no license and very few (if any) safety precautions. The hours were long and the pay was low.  There were no truck stops, only small towns doting the expanse of the American west.  Browning shares with us the stories about the early drivers and workers who toiled under the demanding hours, the low pay, and dangerous conditions.

If you enjoy stories about early America, trucks, or just tall tails buy this book. Oh, and if you need any more convincing there is a Brockway on the cover. 😉

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