Boulder Drop – Economy Paving

The City of Syracuse has put together a nice little webpage that is updated once a week with all the planned road closures related to construction. It’s become the first website I visit on Mondays to help me get a lay of the land. I was excited to see a new project listed that included partial lane closures and plenty of heavy equipment. Cat 324D L with a long reach boom anyone?

Cat 324D L Excavator

On Monday I stopped by to see what was up an found that the crew from Economy Paving had already made a large pile of dirt consisting of large concrete slabs and rusted pipe. I’m not sure exactly where the material is coming from but I suspect the long reach is being used to scoop an area from nearby Onondaga Creek. I returned on a Tuesday and found the loading process well underway.

Riccelli Trucking Mack Granite

Before the Riccelli Trucking Mack Granite arrived I watched the operator of the Komatsu PC300LC attempting to smash the large chunks of concrete with its bucket. Even with a bucket full of material the concrete refused to break. One final attempt was made by dropping a slab from a great height right next the pickup of the bossman which only resulted in unhappy faces. Before loading the Riccelli driver had to line his dump beds with a plastic tarp. Maybe I should hold my breath while by this site? Makes me wonder what they are digging up?

Below is a wind filled video complete with the unsuccessful block breaking attempt.

Stay tuned for future updates from this site!

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