California Truck Culture

California car culture. What comes to mind? The elegant concourse restorations of Pebble Beach? Or maybe custom built hot roads cruising the streets in the company of pristine muscle cars. Even imports with fart can mufflers if that is your thing. But what about truck culture? Ryan is here to show us the two go hand in hand. Experiencing classic truck withdrawals he found a few gems at a local car show. Check out this 1936 Autocar.

Stunning. If I had to guess I bet it looks even better in person. I also found this ’72 Peterbilt 358 F-A to be equally appealing. The F stands denotes a fiberglass hood, the A an aluminium frame. It finds working hauling classic cars around.

Wow…I’m out of a drool and never even made it to the Macks!

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