Cat 235 Excavator

Recently there has been some activity on commercial lot that I pass by at least four times a week. Usually I don’t have time to stop for photos or work has ended for the day. I little part of me died each time this happened. Such awesome equipment within eye shot and I could do nothing. Pure torture. Thanks to El Nino, or global warming, or both the weather this November has been warm. Taking advantage of this lucky break crews from J.K. Tobin were out on a Saturday moving and digging dirt.

The machine that caught my eye since the first day it showed up was this Cat 235 excavator. Not too bad looking for a 20+ year old machine right? I would say factory fresh in each and every way.


I took some photos and videos as the 235 loaded up trucks with topsoil while a 330C wrestled with the remains of some rather large trees. For peeping through the windshield of my car I think they turned out OK.

It feels good to have this monkey off my back.

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