ChampTruck World Series

I don’t want anyone to spool up their turbos prematurely but it looks like semi truck racing is making a return to the United States. The ChampTruck World Series is slated to host eight races starting in 2015 at various locations across the country. The racing trucks will be comprised of Class 8 trucks from the 2010 model year and back. Engine choices will be limited to commercial available diesels mated to manual transmissions. Full safety setups such as roll bars, fuel cells and fire suppression systems will be required along with restrictors limiting the top speed of the rigs to 100MPH. Teams will be comprised of your average joe and industry manufacturers. ChampTruck hopes that a series of rules regarding chassis and engine setup will help keep the playing field level. With racing taking place at famous tracks like¬†Daytona International Speedway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and Michigan Motor Speedway organizers are striking for the hearts of the American motorhead. A deal is in the works to bring the series to TV in both a 30 mintue and one hour program. Keep your fingers crossed!

Take a moment to read up all the details by clicking here. While your at it check out¬†for even more details about the series and the creation of ChampTruck. From what I see the first race of the season will take place in April at the Charlotte International Speedway. I’ve shared this video before but its a good representation of what to expect when the series is off the ground.


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