Continuing Coverage – Komatsu PC600LC

Remember that Komatsu PC600LC from September? You probably don’t but I don’t blame you. After all, it was over two months ago. If you need a refresher click here. I’ve been stalking this machine almost from day one in an attempt to catch it in action. Last week I walked by the job site on two separate days but discovered that not much is happening. I’m starting to the think the Komatsu has a problem as the mechanics have been buzzing around with all types of large tools and buckets of fluids. Nearly every access panel on the PC600LC have been opened at one point or another. Greasy rags and confused head shakes abound. Hopefully this demolition contract doesn’t have tight deadline.

Komatsu PC600LC

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It Just Got Real – Komatsu PC600LC

The Obsession Contiunes – Komastsu PC600LC

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