Crane Clearing House

Too many crane photos are piling up in my archives so it’s time to clear a few out. This lime green Grove rough terrain crane for CSX has a nasty looking kink in the main tube. That’s what happens when you don’t stretch before working out.

CSX Grove Crane

JPW Riggers always runs spotless equipment of every type. I had a chance to check out this older unit while attending that auction that contained the Diamond Reo Wrecker.

JPW Riggers

Cranes work best on level surfaces but sometimes you have to make your own with cribbing. This Terex from Elmer W. Davis spent a few week hoisting material to and from the roof of a large commercial building in downtown Syracuse.

Crane Cribbing

In the gallery below you have a few more shots of the Terex, some crawler pads from an unknown massive crane and what appears to be a brand new CSX Freightliner 108SD

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