Craaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnneeeessss. If you read that as a zombie pronouncing the word brains you might be laughing right about about now. Today it is all about cranes both old and new. I’m going to start out with the vintage iron.

This crane is probably older than it looks and comes from a great locomotive lineage. As you can see the counterweight bears the name BLH Lima. BLH stands for Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton. For the railroad buffs out there you know this company as Lima Locomotive Works. The Baldwin name comes from Baldwin Locomotive Works which was another famous builder of steam powered locomotives. In the mid to late 50’s the two companies (plus Hamilton) merged together to form BLH. While these respective companies were know for high quality steam engines they found it difficult to manufacturer a diesel locomotive that was competitive. Shortly after merging together production ceased of train engines. The surviving company manufactured cranes like the one you see below at the same factory in Ohio that once made world class trains.

Plenty of nobs, dials, and levers in this cab.


Jumping forward to more modern times is this crane of unknown variety removing overhead signs from I-81 South as it cuts through downtown Syracuse. Recently there has been much discussion locally about what to do with this stretch of Interstate when it reaches the end of its useful life span. Should it be torn down and replaced with a boulevard? Should it be rebuilt as is? Maybe a tunnel? It has everyone worked up except me as no matter what the choice it will provide some great material for this site. 😉


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