Dodge Big Horn – An Endangered Species.

The real Dodge Big Horn is a rare truck.  I say real because a distinction must be made between the Ram “big horn” branded pickup trucks of today and the rigs of yesteryear. Catching a glimpse of one along the side of the road would justify slowing down with appropriate amounts of rubber necking.  So when you see two near mint condition Big Horns you slam on the breaks and swing a u-turn.  Dodge only manufactured 261 of these trucks over a three year span and it is believed only 110 still exist. has all the info you could ever need on these truly classic trucks here.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Dodge Big Horn – An Endangered Species.

  1. pete gianetti says:

    I have a 75 Big Horn and I am getting ready to re-store it for the second time. Looking for some parts, any suggestions?


    • Eric says:

      A good bet is always the folks over the forums. Tons of knowledge and contacts. Good luck with the restore. Would love to see some photos of it.

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