Drott 2500 Rough Terrain Crane

Drott. That’s a fun name to say. Some of my earliest equipment memories include a Drott wheel loader operated by the Town of Dewitt. It was Detroit powered and as such could be heard more than a mile away. I remember standing at the end of the driveway while staring up the block at the nearest intersection waiting to catch a brief glimpse. The noise made by the Detroit and the speed of the vehicle did not match what my young mind expected. I was still ignorant in the way of the Detroit. To this very day I remember vividly the way the machine bounced forward and back as it drove, almost bouncing from from front to rear axle. It looked terrifying to drive.

This old Drott appeared recently at a local equipment dealer. A few other crusty knickknacks were also on hand which has piqued by auction senses. 

Ramar is local steel erector from the Rochester area. The best I can tell they are still in business.

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  1. AndyinMA says:

    As a child I was terrified by a DD powered GMC 9500 bearing down on me. I will never forget that sight and sound.

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