Dump Truck Week – GMC General

Now this is a nice survivor GMC General. I first spotted this truck a few days ago shortly before the sun set. A that time I was able to grab a few shots but the photos came out a little dark and blurry for my taste. Thankfully the truck did not move for the next two days and I was able to return and grab a few pictures. It was raining this time but I wasn’t got to try my luck with a third visit!

GMC General

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The fenders and cab look really good on this truck. There is minimal rust and the grill is near perfect! The fiberglass hood and aluminum cab have held up well. For what appears to be a site truck this General is still in superior shape. Even the hood ornament has survived.

GMC General Dump Truck

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Some may ask if the General and the Astro shared the same cab. The answer is no. However they did share the same style doors and windshield style.

GMC General Dump Truck

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More GMC General Action

GMC General Tractor

GMC General Water Hauler

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4 Responses to Dump Truck Week – GMC General

  1. Jeff Shaw says:

    they shared the same grille for a while too! looks to be a nice untouched truck!

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  3. Austin Putnam says:

    Hey guys my grandfather is restoring a 1985 gmc general 5 star and I was wondering were you guys know any place to get some parts for his truck if you get this please reply to me and get back ASAP thanks

    Austin Putnam

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