Empire Farm Days 2014 – The Auction

Today we have some photos to enjoy of select lots from the truck and equipment auction held in conjunction with the Empire Farm Days. A large selection of heavy trucks made up the bulk of this auction with many, if not all of them, hailing from agricultural related ventures. Look at that mammoth Detroit powered Oshkosh with liquid fertilizer tank. That old lime Green mack with steel constructions fenders caught my eye but here is a hit, its last load had nothing to do with salt if you catch my drift. The Ford LTL 9000 was a 20 foot looker for sure. A few rows away it looked like a real jewl but with each step you began to see more and more age lines appear. At least the iconic grill still had all its teeth. A fuel tanker from the Oneida County Aviation Department caught my eye and that of many other bidders. It fired right up and was surprisingly quiet. At first glance the International Loadstar seemed like a nice old truck but it had more than its fair share of rust lurking under the paint. Make sure you click on page two of the gallery to view a Fordson tractor that was cobbled together with bits of machinery, ammo boxes and pointy steel to make even the most hardened of operators cringe in terror.

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