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Welcome to the snow clearing mega post! Over the past week I’ve received plenty of photos and taken many myself of snow clearing operations. With back to back storms followed by arctic temperatures many business and communities have been forced to remove giant snow piles from street corners and parking lots in the name safety. The usual strategy of waiting for warm air or rain to help reduce this accumulation simply isn’t working this year.

Clearing in Granville, NY

Clarence shares with us a shot of his 2004 GMC 7500 being loaded by his 1992 Volvo L70 loader. Good looking setup! Feel free to stop by my clogged driveway anytime.

GMC 7500

Clearing in Little Falls, NY

The front end loader and the dump truck may be the most common method of removing snow but heading off to Little Falls, NY we find a different set of equipment in use.

Leeboy Loading Snow

Mark shares with us some shots of a LeeBoy 3000 at work. A Bobcat working with a grader pull the snow of sidewalks and street shoulders for quick loading.  The process moves as fast as returning dump trucks allow.


Clearing in Syracuse, NY

Just about an hour west of Little Falls we find the City of Syracuse using the more traditional method. A John Deere 624J with a multi purpose bucket first removes snow from around parking meters and street corners to the center of the street for eventual loading into waiting dump trucks. While not requiring any specialized equipment the front loader option demands the entire street be closed until work is completed. Take a look at the video below to see some wild action.

And here are some still shots from the day of the video and a few days later on a nearby street.


Clearing at DestinyUSA

Heading off to DestinyUSA, the sixth largest mall in the United States, we find some very large Michigan/Volvo L120 loaders moving very small amounts of snow.

Onsite Services

OnSite Services has the contract to keep the mall clean and accessible to meet your consumer needs.

The video.

Clearing at OIP

Some business with small parking lots started clearing snow weeks ago. In this case, the Original Italian Pizza location on James Street. BTW, amazing chicken wing pizza here. The best you will EVER have.

Ford L9000 Dump Truck

This nice looking Case loader was doing the loading.

Case Loader

Clearing at Delta Sonic

A new Delta Sonic just opened up but before it could…snow removal! Here we see a nice looking Mack from Orchard Earth and Pipe.


Clearing in Dutchess County, NY

John shares with some photos of snow removal from Dutchess County. Looking closely at the second photo you will notice a loader with a front mounted blower. As John passed by the scene the Oshkosh also pictured was hooking up to remove the stuck loader from deep snow. The fast moving crew has pulled of the rescue before he could turn around.

Oshkosh Plow

Phew, that’s a lot of material to digest. Thanks to Clarence, Mark, John and all the hard working snow removal crews seen above!

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