Everyday Big Rigs

Welcome to our continuing series, Every Day Big Rigs, in which we take at look at the often overlooked modern trucks that keep our world turning.

Now I have to start by saying this Marmon is walking that line between contemporary and classic. It’s not uncommon at all to see this model¬†at classic truck shows from coast to coast. Considering that the Marmon name plate ceased to exist nearly 19 years ago this old rig has certainly held up well.

Marmom Semi Truck

You don’t see many Sterlings around with sleepers outback. You could considering this truck the spiritual successor the AeroMax line of trucks following the purchase of Ford heavy trucks by Daimler in 1997 that ultimately lead to the rebirth of the Sterling name. This one is hauling for Original Pizza of Boston.

Sterling with Sleeper

Not too long ago I was sitting at my desk when I continued to hear the rumble of a diesel paired with a never ending back up alarm.¬†Wandering over to the window I found this stretch frame Peterbilt attempting to back off the street into the narrow bay of the Civic Center. The driver could almost get the trailer lined up correctly but his eventual path of travel would take the Pete’s bumper right through a set of cars. Eventually he had to give up and off load in the street. A few days later he was back when the streets were empty and made the move with room to spare.

Custom Peterbilt

In the gallery below you sell to transport carriers, one for boats and one for cars. Knowing the state of large auto transport companies we’ll probably see that International on the road for at least another two decades. The International hauling the CSX intermodal box is nice sounding truck. Check out my instagram for short but definitive proof.

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