Everyone’s Favorite Kenworth

Sometimes when I see a classic truck with a huge power plant being trailered to and from a truck show I feel like there is something missing. It’s one thing to see a truck start up and cruise over to the show field but in the end I am always left wanting more. I want to see the truck in action as God intended it to be, doing the work it was built to do. Demonstrating that it’s more than just a show truck the most popular Kenworth on Youtube is back to fulfill your classic truck action wishes.

That’s a 125,000lb crusher being pulled up a grade that is steep enough to make you wish there was an escalator nearby. And don’t forget that the Kenworth weighs nearly 24,000lbs on its own. Honestly, comparing this video to some of the more flatland moves by this truck I’ve come to realize that it sounds basically the same all the time. It’s always screaming no matter if it’s loaded or not. That’s a Detroit for ya.

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  1. jshaw3408 says:

    Thanks Eric!! I found out the crusher also has about 15,000lb of extra equipment on it too!

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