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Can you believe that I have never been to an auction of NYSDOT and NYSTA surplus vehicles? Me of all people. It seems crazy I know but it’s the truth and nothing but the truth. Yesterday I swang by the NYSDOT Region 3 HQ to check out the offerings. A large selection of International 2574’s were on hand from the DOT and the Thruway. For unknown reasons these are some of my favorite style of modern truck so I wanted to get a closer look before they left the fleet for good. I have to think by now that most of the plow trucks are tandem axle Mack Granites. The guard has been changed! For the better? Who knows. I will admit that the lure of being allowed past the hallowed gates to see what else was visible but not for sale was a strong incentive to attend on a rainy day. More on that later.


Look at the beautiful lineup. They almost look to good to surplus right? These are 20 footer trucks for sure. From a distance they look great but get a little closer and you start to see the truth. Thick and scaly rust on the frames. Cabs they have rotted straight through in the oddest of locations. Scott Perry and Co. Auctioneers host these events for the state and they do a great disclosing all the known defects of the vehicles. Each truck had a paper on the windshield detailing specs, VINS and deformities. Another sticker told the running condition. The DOT trucks were listed as non running thanks to a host of electrical problems, exhaust leaks and fuel issues(leaks). The Thruway trucks fared a little better on their reports but were still beat.


Each truck came with its full compliment of blades and wings expertly loaded in the dump body. A few sanders were for sale but who cares about that stuff. All of the DOT trucks up for sale had been thoroughly demilitarized in the form of lights and logos being stripped off. Even the blue hoods had been painted over with a hasty coat of yellow. I suppose it depends on what garage the trucks come from that determines the level of striping. I have seen plenty of trucks leave the State with everything intact but the logo.


The Thruway had six of their International 2574’s up for auction. Most likely these trucks are fresh victims of the new Western Star 4700’s that started rolling into barns across the state this year. Unlike the DOT trucks the Thruway rigs were tandem axles with automatics and Viking plow equipment all the way around. No wings or sanders with these trucks.


Checking out the frame on one of the trucks I found holes, at least twenty, cleanly machined through the steel. Speed holes? Weight savings? Drilling out rust? Who knows. I shot some video of this event but it needs some drastic work before I’ll it see the light of day. Until then, enjoy more photos! Tomorrow we’ll take a look at some of the trucks that were around. Think Oshkosh. Think Oshkosh with blower.

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